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IF the 2006 elections were a referendum on Iraq and GWB,
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(WWII was not won overnight)
Isolationism = Terrorist Victories.
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USA Pacific
Forgotten Battles/AEP/Pacific Fighters
US Menu Music Jimmy Dorcey "Switch" Download Now


2005 Desktop Calendars (Live):

Online-Virtual Gun Cam Footage!: Let's Dance!

NEW! 2007 Live Film Footage!

"Component" Combat Simulator Mods

FS2k2 Downloads <<< FS2k2 * CFS3 >>> CFS3 Downloads></a>

Jane's F/A-18 now supports TRACKIR. Get the Patch Here

CFS2 Downloads - SBD-3 Dauntlesses at Midway over enemy flagship 'Akagi' - Painting by R.G. Smith <<< CFS2 * F/A-18 >>> Jane's F/A-18 Downloads

E-Falcon 4.0 Downloads <<< Falcon 4 * Jane's WWIIF >>> Jane's WW2F Downloads

CFS2 Skins <<< Flight-1 * Jane's USAF >>> Jane's USAF Downloads

Pacific Fighters Paints

IL2/46 Mods

CFS3 BUILD upgrades on Ez Upgrade 1

Enter the CFS3 Sounds Page Gp Sound Page
Enter the CFS3 EFFECTS Page Gp FX Page
Enter the CFS3 Historic Nose Art & Paint Page Gp CFS3 Historic Paint Page
Enter the CFS3 Graphics Page Gp CFS3 Graphics Page

Enter the Nanni CFS2 Page Nanni CFS2 Page
Enter the Nanni CFS3 EFFECTS Page Nanni CFS3 FX Page
Enter the CFS3 Gp/Nanni combined EFFECTS Page Nanni/Gp FX Page

CFS3 Ez Upgrade 1 Package

Pre-Start Exhaust Flames, Black Smoke from damaged aircraft, Red Tracer Ends, 50cal gun hit fix,
& general EFFECTS.XML fixes.
Ricochet Sounds, Bullet Hit Sounds, Flak Sounds, Bullet Hit Effects, German Rail Car Explosions.
Individual AI_Fighter Fly-By Sounds & Real Streams.
* * * * * This is all you need for an all-inclusive GENERAL UPGRADE! * * * * *
If you're not sure about the latest/greatest, they are all here. (1.6mb)

CFS3 Combat Pack 2

Pre-Start Exhaust Flames, Black Smoke, Red Tracer Ends, 50cal gun hit fix, & general effects fixes.
Pre-Requisite - Combat Pack 1 REQUIRED (because this has a more recent Effects.XMl!)

CFS3 Combat Pak 1

AI Flyby, Ricochet, Bullet Hit & Flak Sounds, Ground Strikes, Water Spikes.
Complete with Sound.XML and Effects.XML - Effects XML includes Tracer Smoke!

CFS2 Combat Pak 3

Effects by Nibbio,
Wing Cannon Smoke,Wakes,Ship Boiler Stack Smoke,Torpedo Wake,
Oil Slicks,Non-Combat Firing Ships,Flak Splash,Vehicle dirt-dust.
Includes Burning Oil Drums used for Runway Lighting - by *Nanni*!.

CFS2 Combat Pak 2

Dual Exhaust Smoke,
Exploding Objects 2 (Wharfs,Water Towers, Bomb-Crates, Buildings, Oil Barrels),
Oil Rig Smoke,
Rocket & Bomb Splashes, and Larger Ship Bow Splashes.

CFS2 Combat Pak 1

Combat Prop (alternate WIDE version included), AI Flyby Sounds, Bullet Hits version 4,
and Rocket Exhaust version 3.

"This site provides FREEWARE for popular combat flight simulators"

May 2014

GhostFiles steps outside the Box! <---- Click here - Scale and Model Flying with FPV

July 2011 View quick Gun Cams! <---- Click here - Updated 10/10/11

Feb 2010

Realistic WW1 Flight Gun Cams!

From "Rise of Flight"

Feb - Mar, 2009

NEW SOUND MODS for FB-1946 Version 4.08m (can be used in 4.09m)

Thumpy Wheel Touch Down
Merlin Start-up Sequence
Whistling Death for the F4U-Corsair
Electric Gear Sequence
50Cal MG Sequence

July 10, 08

AllAircraft New MODS/Sounds for IL2-1946 by AllAircraftArcade

Great Sounds and Effects for IL2-1946

Oct 6, 07

New Sounds for IL2-1946 by MAW

GF modified Ver. now available.

Aug 1, 07

Got Scotty's P-40?
Available Now!

Aug 18, 06

Got Stick?
DXTweak2 works with XP and includes Force Feedback Sticks.

Great for adjusting Stick, Rudder & Throttle with worn sensors.

July 20, 06

Team Speak Display

Self Installer Included in ZIP file.

July 27, 05


Self Installers Included

July 01, 05

Watch a P-51D Zero Kill (AVI) from Pacific Fighters
A WWII Naval Aviator's dream.

June 8, 04

Margaret IV, DORRIE R, Duchess Butch
Download now!

March 30, 04

Forgotten Battles - Menu Music
US and Russia Samples for Menu

Get it here!
Sounds PERFECT, and has a real P-40 Start-up, and a P-51 FlyBy

Germany Samples Download here!

Germany Menu Samples (4 samples)

April 05, 03

CFS3 - NEW! Attacking Troopers!
This IS Gp's/Nanni's Post Patch Version!

March 29, 03

CFS3 - NEW! Short-Fuse Sallee P51B
Historic P-51B Paint

Short Fuse Sallee now available!

March 15, 03

CFS3 - NEW! Short-Fuse Sallee
Historic P-51D Paint

Short Fuse Sallee NOW Available!

March 15, 03

CFS3 - NEW! Mustang AI_Fighter Sound (NON-Reversing! - Full Fly By & LOUD version available!)
This is a real Mustang sound clip modified for CFS3.
Enter the new CFS3 Sounds Page Gp Sound Page

March 04, 03

CFS3 - NEW! BF109 AI_Fighter Sound
This is a real BF109 sound clip modified for CFS3 (which is not easy)
Enter the new CFS3 Sounds Page Gp Sound Page

February 28, 03

CFS3 - Corrected Sound.XML for AI_Fighter Sounds
Includes a new BF109 & P-51B/D AI Wav. (All AI Fighter Wavs are included.
Enter the new CFS3 Sounds Page Gp Sound Page

February 10, 03

CFS3 - Merlin Engine Starter, Startup, Idle sounds!
By far, the best sounds for all Merlin powered aircraft!
Now available for the Spitfire9e, and P-51D
Enter the new CFS3 Sounds Page Gp Sound Page

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Vaught F4U Corsair Training Film


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